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Robert Aumann

Data urodzenia: 8. Czerwiec 1930


Israel Robert John Aumann – izraelski matematyk i członek Amerykańskiej Akademii Nauk.

Cytaty Robert Aumann


„The strong equilibrium point f just described is one of "unrelenting ferocity" against offenders. It exhibits a zeal for meting out justice that is entirely oblivious to the sometimes dire consequences to oneself or to the other faitheful—— i. e., those who have not deviated.“

— Robert Aumann
"Acceptable Points in General Cooperative n-Person Games," in Contributions to the Theory of Games IV, Annals of Mathematics Study 40, edited by A. W. Tucker and R. D. Luce, Princeton University Press, 1959, pp. 287-324.


„I think game theory creates ideas that are important in solving and approaching conflict in general.“

— Robert Aumann
Aumann in: " Game theorists share Nobel prize" Monday, 10 October 2005

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