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Radovan Karadžić

Data urodzenia: 19. Czerwiec 1945


Radovan Karadžić – polityk Republiki Serbskiej, były prezydent Serbskiej Republiki Bośni i Hercegowiny, lekarz psychiatra, poeta, zbrodniarz wojenny.

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Cytaty Radovan Karadžić

„This, what you are doing, is not good. This is the path that you want to take Bosnia and Herzegovina on, the same highway of hell and death that Slovenia and Croatia went on. Don't think that you won't take Bosnia and Herzegovina into hell, and the Muslim people maybe into extinction. Because the Muslim people cannot defend themselves if there is war here.“

— Radovan Karadžić
Radovan Karadžić speaking at the Bosnian parliament, on the night of 14–15 October 1991, in a charged atmosphere in a debate whether to declare the republic "sovereign", which would mean that republic's laws would take precedence over Yugoslav ones. (The term "Muslim people" refers to the people known as Bosniaks. http://www.focus-fen.net/?id=l8266&PHPSESSID=qdefjq44dcqjbdtlt1aci1kvl4) Variant translation: "You want to take Bosnia and Herzegovina down the same highway to hell and suffering that Slovenia and Croatia are travelling. Do not think that you will not lead Bosnia and Herzegovina into hell, and do not think that you will not perhaps lead the Muslim people into annihilation, because the Muslims cannot defend themselves if there is war – How will you prevent everyone from being killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina?"

„There is no doubt that the United States and Germany had their own interests in igniting wars in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia.“

— Radovan Karadžić
Radovan Karadžić speaking in May 2011 during a magazine interview given from Scheveningen Prison, The Hague. — "Radovan Karadzic: The other side to the Bosnian story" http://www.ap-ps.org/?page_id=813, Politics First (May 2011).

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