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Mohammed Chatami

Data urodzenia: 29. Wrzesień 1943


Mohammad Chatami, pers.: حجت‌الاسلام سید محمد خاتمی IPA: [hoʤːætoˈlːɔːh seˈjːed moɦæˈmːæd xɔːtæˈmiː] – teolog szyicki, filozof i polityk irański, prezydent Iranu .

Cytaty Mohammed Chatami


„One cannot reach paradise by creating Hell for others“

— Хатами, Мохаммад
Morning Edition with Jacki Northam, National Public Radio, September 8, 2006,[]

„Terrorism, which means killing civilians in whatever name or title, lacks morality, and nobody who lacks such principle will go to heaven.“

— Хатами, Мохаммад
[ During a speech at Council on American-Islamic Relations] (dead link). (8 September 2006)

„I don't like the death penalty, although if there is one case where there should be an execution, the fairest case would be for Saddam. But I would never wish for that.“

— Хатами, Мохаммад
[ press After a cabinet meeting in Tehran] (18 December 2003)


„In response on the motives of suicide bombers, he said that, Those who put others through hell will never go to heaven".“

— Хатами, Мохаммад
[ In response on the motives of suicide bombers in a speech at Harvard University] 11 September 2006)

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