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Gustave Courbet

Data urodzenia: 10. Czerwiec 1819
Data zgonu: 31. Grudzień 1877


Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet – francuski malarz realista.

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Cytaty Gustave Courbet

„Nie może być szkoły – mogą być tylko artyści.“

— Gustave Courbet
Źródło: Zdzisław Kępiński, Impresjonizm, op. cit., s. 41.

„(…) każdy artysta powinien być sobie własnym nauczycielem (…).“

— Gustave Courbet
Źródło: Zdzisław Kępiński, Impresjonizm, Wydawnictwa Artystyczne i Filmowe, Warszawa 1982, s. 41.


„Nie maluję aniołów, bo ich nigdy nie widziałem.“

— Gustave Courbet
Źródło: Maria Rzepińska, Siedem wieków malarstwa europejskiego, wyd. II, popr., Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, Wrocław 1986, s. 388.

„I heard the comments of the crowd in front of the painting of 'Burial at Ornans', I had the courage to read the nonsense that was printed regarding this picture and I wrote this article.. [in Le Messager de l'Assemblée]“

— Gustave Courbet
Quote from an article in 'Le Messager de l'Assemblée' (25th & 26th February 1851); as cited in 'Posterity', Musée-dOrsay

„.. [ I ] painted the very people who had been present at the interment, all the townspeople.“

— Gustave Courbet
from Courbet on Wikipedia Courbet pictured with his painting 'A Burial at Ornans' (1849/50) the funeral of his grand uncle which he attended in September 1848. People who attended the funeral became the models for the painting; no professional models


„When I got back to Ornans, I spent a few days hunting. I quite like the subject of violent exercise... It makes the most surprising painting you can imagine. There are thirty life-size figures in it. It is the moral and physical history of my studio“

— Gustave Courbet
Quote from a letter of Courbet to Bruyas, (December 1854); as cited in 'Courbet Speaks', 'Courbet-dossier', Musée-dOrsay


„They continue to be the rage. The salon where they are is jammed with people.“

— Gustave Courbet
Quote in a letter to his sister Juliette Courbet, 11 May 1870; as cited in Chu, Letters, p. 375; quoted in 'Paysages de Mer - Courbet's The Wave', by Anthony White Courbet wrote to his sister about his two marine paintings exhibited at the 1870 Paris Salon

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