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Marcello Mastroianni

Data urodzenia: 28. Wrzesień 1924
Data zgonu: 19. Grudzień 1996


Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni – włoski aktor filmowy.

Cytaty Marcello Mastroianni


„When I was young, life seemed long and endless to me.“

— Marcello Mastroianni
As quoted in "Latin Lover"? No? How About Lover Of Life?" in The New York Times (13 August 1999), p. 116

„To be a Latin Lover a man, above all, has to be a great fucker — he has to be infallible and I'm not that. I often foul it up.“

— Marcello Mastroianni
In 1977, to Dick Cavett while accompanied by Sophia Loren; quoted by [ French Film Stars Database], which sources it to his obituary in The Guardian

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