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Léon Bloy

Data urodzenia: 11. Lipiec 1846
Data zgonu: 3. Listopad 1917
Natępne imiona:Léon Henri Marie Bloy


Léon Bloy /le'ɔ̃ blwa/

Cytaty Léon Bloy

„Przyjdzie czas, że zatęsknimy za Torquemandą.“

— Léon Bloy
Źródło: Vittorio Messori, Czarne karty Kościoła, przeł. ks. Antoni Kajzerek, Księgarnia Świętego Jacka, Katowice 2003, s. 240.


„Istnieje tylko jeden smutek, nie być świętym.“

— Léon Bloy
Źródło: ks. Marian Polak CSMA, Kochaj i rób, co chcesz, Petrus, Kraków 2011, s. 41.

„The worst thing is not to commit crimes but, rather, not to accomplish the good that one could have done. It is the sin of omission, which is nothing other than to be unloving, and no one accuses himself of it.“

— Léon Bloy
Youcat English: Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, Ignatius Press, 2011 https://books.google.com/books?id=soVf9Q1h-esC&pg=PT26&dq=%22The+worst+thing+is+not+to+commit+crimes+but,+rather,+not+to+accomplish+the+good+that+one+could+have+done.%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAGoVChMI3_bSqOH6yAIVwvI-Ch3kOAGF#v=onepage&q=%22The%20worst%20thing%20is%20not%20to%20commit%20crimes%20but%2C%20rather%2C%20not%20to%20accomplish%20the%20good%20that%20one%20could%20have%20done.%22&f=false

„It is the small flock of God. "Whoever receives in my name one of those little" said Jesus, "It is myself who receives." What thinks the one that sticks, that maims, or inflicts to their pure souls more black sorrow than death? (...) The curse of a crowd of children, is a cataclysm, a horror prodigy, a chain of dark mountains in the sky, with a cavalcade of thunder and lightning in their tops. It is the infinite of the cries of all deep, is a not know what highly powerful unforgiving and extinguishing any hope of forgiveness.“

— Léon Bloy
Léon Bloy, Octavio de Faria, portuguese edition, page 101. Léon Bloy, Octavio de Faria, portuguese edition, page 101. https://books.google.com.br/books?id=wI4SAAAAYAAJ&q=%C3%89+o+rebanho+dos+pequenos+de+Deus.+%22Quem+quer+que+receba+em+meu+nome+um+desses+pequenos%22+disse+Jesus&dq=%C3%89+o+rebanho+dos+pequenos+de+Deus.+%22Quem+quer+que+receba+em+meu+nome+um+desses+pequenos%22+disse+Jesus&hl=pt-BR&sa=X&ved=0CBsQ6AEwAGoVChMI0Ovrgrn5yAIVQpGQCh3fFwGB

„Any Christian who is not a hero is a pig.“

— Léon Bloy
Shouts and Whispers: Twenty-One Writers Speak about Their Writing and Their Faith, Jennifer L. Holberg, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 31 march 2006 Shouts and Whispers: Twenty-One Writers Speak about Their Writing and Their Faith, Jennifer L. Holberg, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 31 march 2006 https://books.google.com.br/books?id=MSHQwCakou0C&pg=PA153&dq=Leon+Bloy+any+christian+who+is+not+a+hero+is+a+pig&hl=pt-BR&sa=X&ved=0CBsQ6AEwAGoVChMIrt-3rLf5yAIVy5KQCh00zwt7#v=onepage&q=Leon%20Bloy%20any%20christian%20who%20is%20not%20a%20hero%20is%20a%20pig&f=false

„Suffering passes, but the fact of having suffered never passes.“

— Léon Bloy
Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry, Volume 19, Association of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry., 1984 [Association of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry., 1984]


„There is only one tragedy in the end, not to have been a saint.“

— Léon Bloy
Catholic Christianity: A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Ignatius Press, 2001 https://books.google.com/books?id=VZ-xgfJkNNgC&pg=PA89&dq=%22There+is+only+one+tragedy+in+the+end,+not+to+have+been+a+saint%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAGoVChMIrLb4nOL6yAIVhjk-Ch1XSQVB#v=onepage&q=%22There%20is%20only%20one%20tragedy%20in%20the%20end%2C%20not%20to%20have%20been%20a%20saint%22&f=false

„Whoever does not pray to God, prays to the devil.“

— Léon Bloy
Pope Francis quotes Bloy in his first homily as Pope. Pope Francis: 1st homily. Missa pro Ecclesiae in the Sistine Chapel http://www.news.va/en/news/pope-francis-1st-homily-full-text

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