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Harold Macmillan

Data urodzenia: 10. Luty 1894
Data zgonu: 29. Grudzień 1986


Maurice Harold Macmillan, 1. hrabia Stockton – polityk brytyjski. Czasami zwany „Supermac” lub „Mac the Knife”. Polityk Partii Konserwatywnej.

W latach 1957–1963 lider tejże partii oraz premier kraju. Wcześniej minister obrony, spraw zagranicznych, oraz Kanclerz Skarbu. Politykę zagraniczną i obronną opierał na przywróceniu dobrych stosunków ze Stanami Zjednoczonymi i budowie brytyjskich sił jądrowych.

Cytaty Harold Macmillan


„Na całym kontynencie wieje wiatr zmian.“

— Harold Macmillan
premier Macmillan użył tego sformułowania podczas przemówienia w parlamencie Związku Południowej Afryki 3 lutego 1960, nawiązując do wystąpień niepodległościowych w afrykańskich koloniach.

„The wind of change is blowing through this continent“

— Harold Macmillan
Context: The most striking of all the impressions I have formed since I left London a month ago is of the strength of this African national consciousness. In different places it may take different forms but it is happening everywhere. The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact. We must all accept it as a fact. "Mr Macmillan's appeal to South Africans", The Times, 4 February 1960, p. 15. Speech to the South African Parliament, 3 February 1960.

„It's a good thing to be laughed at. It's better than to be ignored.“

— Harold Macmillan
In a handwritten note to the Postmaster General, who wanted to take action against "That Was The Week That Was", a satirical program. Taken from [http://www.lettersofnote.com/2011/06/it-is-good-thing-to-be-laughed-at.html letters-of-note.com]

„So there you are – you can see what it is like. The camera's hot, probing eye, these monstrous machines and their attendants – a kind of twentieth century torture chamber, that's what it is. But I must try to forget about that, and imagine that you are sitting here in the room with me.“

— Harold Macmillan
"Call for 'A little extra effort'", The Times, 25 January 1962, p. 6. Opening to Conservative Party political broadcast, 24 January 1962. Macmillan decided to open by showing the television outside broadcast crew who had set up their equipment.


„Forever poised between a cliché and an indiscretion.“

— Harold Macmillan
Newsweek, 30 April 1956. Macmillan's description of the role of the Foreign Secretary, a job he held in 1955.

„The sale of assets is common with individuals and states when they run into financial difficulties. First, all the Georgian silver goes, and then all that nice furniture that used to be in the saloon. Then the Canalettos go.“

— Harold Macmillan
"Stockton attacks Thatcher policies", The Times, 9 November 1985, p. 1. Speech to the Tory Reform Group, 8 November 1985. Often quoted as "selling off the family silver".


„Indeed, let us be frank about it. Most of our people have never had it so good.“

— Harold Macmillan
"More production 'the only answer' to inflation", The Times, 22 July 1957, p. 4. Speech at Bedford, 20 July 1957.

„Nonsense, there are no clubs around Victoria.“

— Harold Macmillan
Strange Days: Cold War Britain Reacting to the charge that state secrets were being sold in clubs around Victoria.

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