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Hannibal, Hannibal Barkas, Barca – syn Hamilkara Barkasa, dowódca wojsk antycznej Kartaginy.

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Cytaty Hannibal


„God has given to man no sharper spur to victory than contempt of death.“

—  Hannibal
As quoted by Livy, :la:s:Ab Urbe Condita/liber XXI 44, as translated by Aubrey De Sélincourt, in The War with Hannibal (1965).

„I have come not to make war on the Italians, but to aid the Italians against Rome.“

—  Hannibal
Spoken to Italian soldiers of Rome captured at the Battle of Lake Trasimene (24 June 217 BC) as quoted in Hannibal : One Man Against Rome (1958) by Harold Lamb, p. 119.


„I will either find a way, or make one.“

—  Hannibal
Latin proverb, most commonly attributed to Hannibal in response to his generals who had declared it impossible to cross the Alps with elephants; English translation as quoted in Salesmanship and Business Efficiency (1922) by James Samuel Knox, p. 27.

„Ah there is one thing about them more wonderful than their numbers … in all that vast number there is not one man called Gisgo.“

—  Hannibal
Spoken as a jest to one of his officers named Gisgo, who had remarked on the numbers of Roman forces against them before the Battle of Cannae (2 August 216 BC), as quoted in A History of Rome (1855), by Henry George Liddell Vol. 1, p. 355 Variant translation: You forget one thing Gisgo, among all their numerous forces, there is not one man called Gisgo.

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