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Erwin Panofsky

Data urodzenia: 30. Marzec 1892
Data zgonu: 14. Marzec 1968


Erwin Panofsky – niemiecki historyk sztuki i eseista pochodzenia żydowskiego, jeden z twórców ikonologii. Najważniejszym jego dziełem było Studies in Iconology: Humanist Themes in the Art of the Renaissance .

W latach 1926-1933 był profesorem na uniwersytecie w Hamburgu, zmuszony przez nazistów do emigracji z Niemiec, od 1935 pracownik Institute for Advanced Study w Princeton. W dziele Perspektywa jako forma symboliczna wprowadził genezę symboliki renesansowej.

Cytaty Erwin Panofsky


„But what is the use of the humanities as such? Admittedly they are not practical, and admittedly they concern themselves with the past. Why, it may be asked, should we engage in impractical investigations, and why should we be interested in the past?

The answer to the first question is: because we are interested in reality. Both the humanities and the natural sciences, as well as mathematics and philosophy, have the impractical outlook of what the ancients called vita contemplativa as opposed to vita activa. But is the contemplative life less real or, to be more precise, is its contribution to what we call reality less important, than that of the active life?

The man who takes a paper dollar in exchange for twenty-five apples commits an act of faith, and subjects himself to a theoretical doctrine, as did the mediaeval man who paid for indulgence. The man who is run over by an automobile is run over by mathematics, physics and chemistry. For he who leads the contemplative life cannot help influencing the active, just as he cannot prevent the active life from influencing his thought. Philosophical and psychological theories, historical doctrines and all sorts of speculations and discoveries, have changed, and keep changing, the lives of countless millions. Even he who merely transmits knowledge or learning participates, in his modest way, in the process of shaping reality - of which fact the enemies of humanism are perhaps more keenly aware than its friends. It is impossible to conceive of our world in terms of action alone. Only in God is there a "Coincidence of Act and Thought" as the scholastics put it. Our reality can only be understood as an interpenetration of these two.“

— Erwin Panofsky, Meaning in the Visual Arts

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