„If you want to learn how to be happy, you have to know what is sadness first.“

Etgar Keret Fotografia
Etgar Keret7
Izraelski pisarz i scenarzysta 1967

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Sheryl Crow Fotografia

„Happiness is not having what you want, it is wanting what you have.“

—  Sheryl Crow American musician and actress 1962

Jimmy Stewart Fotografia

„Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have.“

—  Jimmy Stewart American film and stage actor 1908 - 1997

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George Sand Fotografia

„Know how to replace in your heart, by the happiness of those you love, the happiness that may be wanting to yourself“

—  George Sand French novelist and memoirist; pseudonym of Lucile Aurore Dupin 1804 - 1876

John Mayer Fotografia

„The saddest kind of sad is the sad that tries not to be sad. You know, when Sad tries to bite its lip and not cry and smile and go, "No, I'm happy for you?" That's when it's really sad.“

—  John Mayer guitarist and singer/songwriter 1977
Rolling Stone magazine/iTunes podcast (December 2005) On the "chin-up sad" tone of one of his new songs on his upcoming album "Continuum"

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Andrew Carnegie Fotografia

„Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is wanting what you get.“

—  Andrew Carnegie American businessman and philanthropist 1835 - 1919

Dale Carnegie Fotografia

„Success is getting what you want..
Happiness is wanting what you get.“

—  Dale Carnegie American writer and lecturer 1888 - 1955

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