„The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking.“

—  Murray Bookchin, "The Meaning of Confederalism," Green Perspectives, no. 20 (1990).
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Murray Bookchin5
1921 - 2006

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„To live outside the law, you must be honest.“

—  Bob Dylan, da Absolutely Sweet Marie, n.° 11

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„If evil exists it must exist either in Gods or minds or souls or bodies. It does not exist in any God, for all god is good.“

—  Sallustius Roman philosopher and writer
Context: If evil exists it must exist either in Gods or minds or souls or bodies. It does not exist in any God, for all god is good. If anyone speaks of a "bad mind" he means a mind without mind. If of a bad soul, he will make the soul inferior to body, for no body in itself is evil. If he says that evil is made up of soul and body together, it is absurd that separately they should not be evil, but joined should create evil. XII. The origin of evil things; and that there is no positive evil.

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„As soon as an Analytical Engine exists, it will necessarily guide the future course of the science.“

—  Charles Babbage mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer who originated the concept of a programmable computer 1791 - 1871
Context: As soon as an Analytical Engine exists, it will necessarily guide the future course of the science. Whenever any result is sought by its aid, the question will then arise — by what course of calculation can these results be arrived at by the machine in the shortest time? Passages from the Life of a Philosopher (1864), ch. 8 "Of the Analytical Engine"

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„There must be must be a first mover existing above all – and this we call God.“

—  Thomas Aquinas Italian Dominican scholastic philosopher of the Roman Catholic Church 1225 - 1274

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„What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream? Or what's worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists?“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935
from the play "God".

„The Current Approaches to Management Theory and Science
I hope the reader will realize that, in outlining the eleven approaches, I must necessarily be terse.“

—  Harold Koontz 1909 - 1984
The empirical or case approach : The members of this school study management by analyzing experience, usually through cases... The interpersonal behavior approach: This approach is apparently based on the thesis that managing involves getting things done through people, and that therefore the study of management should be centered on interpersonal relations... The group behavior approach : This approach is ... primarily with behavior of people in groups rather than with interpersonal behavior... The cooperative social system approach : A modification of the interpersonal and group behavior approaches has been the focus of some behavioral scientists on the study of human relationships as cooperative social systems... The sociotechnical systems approach : One of the newer schools of management identifies itself as the sociotechnical systems approach... The decision theory approach : This approach to management theory and science has apparently been based on the belief that, because it is a major task of managers to make decisions, we should concentrate on decision making... The systems approach ; ... the systems approach to the study and analysis of management thought... The mathematical or "management science" approach : There are some theorists who see managing as primarily an exercise in mathematical processes, concepts, symbols, and models... The contingency or situational approach : ... the contingency approach to management. The managerial roles approach :... popularized by Henry Mintzberg [1973, 1975]... The operational approach : The operational approach to management theory and science, a term borrowed from the work of P. W. Bridgman [1938, pp. 2-32], attempts to draw together the pertinent knowledge of management by relating it to the functions of managers... The nature of the operational approach can perhaps best be appreciated by reference to Figure 1. As this diagram shows, the operational management school of thought includes a central core of science and theory unique to management plus knowledge eclectically drawn from various other schools and approaches... p. 177-182

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„I think I exist, therefore I exist. I think.“

—  David Gerrold American screenwriter and novelist 1944
(p. 79)

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„Citation does not necessarily reflect current demand.“

—  Brian Campbell Vickery British information theorist 1918 - 2009
Penelope Earle and Brian Campbell Vickery (1969), "Social Science Literature Use in the U.K. as Indicated by Citations," Journal of Documentation 25: p. 134.

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