„I am quite incapable of doing them [making landscapes], even the shadow. My trees look like spinach and my sea like heaven knows what.... [the Mediterranean landscape was] the devil to paint, precisely because it is so beautiful.“

—  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, p. 46 - remark to his friend Etienne Devismes - in Nice, 1879 young Lautrec comments his own paintings of the landscape, when he was c. 15 years old.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Fotografia
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec1
francuski malarz 1864 - 1901

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„Landscapes are about beauty and death. The only way you can define beauty.... is to know that death is hiding behind it. This is what haunts you when you’re doing a so-called landscape painting.“

—  Per Kirkeby Danish artist 1938 - 2018
as quoted in Per Kirkeby: Paintings and Drawings, Helaine Posner, exhibition catalogue (Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT List Visual Arts Center, 1992

Cy Twombly Fotografia
Alice Walker Fotografia

„Horses make a landscape look beautiful.“

—  Alice Walker American author and activist 1944

John Ruskin Fotografia
Alexej von Jawlensky Fotografia

„I am now mainly painting faces and landscapes; I am obsessed day and night by the vision of faces and colours. And the spiritual vision is my mystical world.“

—  Alexej von Jawlensky Russian painter 1864 - 1941
Quote of Jawlensky from a letter to his brother Dimitri, c. 1917/18; as cited in Alexej von Jawlensky, Museum Boymans-van-Beuningen, Rotterdam; exhibition catalog 25/9 – 27/11-1994, p. 150

Federico Buffa Fotografia

„Do you believe in miracles?“

—  Federico Buffa, Riferita ai 13 punti in 35 secondi messi a segno da Tracy McGrady in Rockets-Spurs 9 dicembre 2004]

Ludwig Wittgenstein Fotografia
Sylvia Plath Fotografia
John Constable Fotografia

„But You know, Landscape is my mistress — 't is to her that I look for fame — and all that the warmth of the imagination renders dear to Man.“

—  John Constable English Romantic painter 1776 - 1837
Letter to his future wife, Maria Bicknell (22 September 1812), as quoted in Leslie Parris and Ian Fleming-Williams, Constable (Tate Gallery Publications, London, 1993), p. 23

Jonathan Safran Foer Fotografia
Vincent Van Gogh Fotografia
Paula Modersohn-Becker Fotografia
Ellsworth Kelly Fotografia

„Like the postcard collages, the colors are shapes in a landscape. In this case [his collage 'Napoleon at Würtsburg'] it is a painting of a landscape, not a photo as in the postcards [collages], and therefore a contrast of the traditional painting and a presentation of literal space on top of depicted space.“

—  Ellsworth Kelly American painter, sculptor, and printmaker 1923 - 2015
In: 'Kelly in conversation, summers 1985 and 1986'; ed. Diane Upright, "Ellsworth Kelly: Works on Paper", Harry N. Inc., Publishers, New York, in association with the Fort Worth Art Museum, New York, 1987 p. 21

Jean-François Millet Fotografia

„I work like a gang of slaves; the day seems five months long. My wish to make a winter landscape has become a fixed idea. I want to do a sheep picture and have all sorts of projects in my head. If you could see how beautiful the forest is! I rush there at the end of the day, after my work, and I come back every time crushed. It is so calm, such a terrible grandeur, that I find myself really frightened. I don't know what those fellows, the trees, are saying to each other.... we don't know their language, that is all; but I am quite sure of this - they do not make puns!.... Send [me] 3 burnt sienna, 2 raw ditto, 3 Naples's yellow, 1 burnt Italian earth, 2 yellow ocher, 2 burnt umber, 1 bottle of raw oil.“

—  Jean-François Millet French painter 1814 - 1875
Quote of Millet, in his letter from Barbizon, c. 1850 to in Paris; as cited by Arthur Hoeber in The Barbizon Painters – being the story of the Men of thirty https://ia902205.us.archive.org/30/items/barbizonpainters00hoeb/barbizonpainters00hoeb.pdf – associate of the National Academy of Design; publishers, Frederick A. Stokes Company, New York 1915, p. 38 In 1850 Millet entered into an arrangement with Alfred Sensier, who provided him with materials and money in return for drawings and paintings (source: Murphy, Alexandra R. Jean-François Millet. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1984, p. xix), see: Wikipedia, Millet