„Within the world of total work, the "festival" is either "a break from work" (and thus only there for the sake of work), or it is a more intensive celebration of the principles of work itself (as in the "Labor Days," and thus belongs, again, to the working world). There will naturally be "games" — like the Roman circences — but who would dignify the amusements for the masses with the name of "festival"?“

—  Josef Pieper, p. 53
Josef Pieper Fotografia
Josef Pieper
1904 - 1997

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George Chapman Fotografia

„Each natural agent works but to this end,—
To render that it works on like itself.“

—  George Chapman English dramatist, poet, and translator 1559 - 1634
Act III, scene i.

Josef Pieper Fotografia
Josef Pieper Fotografia
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