„I'm not a puppet. I wasn't made by the west to go to the west or any other country. I'm Syrian. I'm made in Syria. I have to live in Syria and die in Syria.“

—  Baszszar al-Asad, Interview with RT http://www.rferl.org/content/syrian-president-assad-wont-leave-syria/24765439.html, (November 2012)

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John F. Kerry Fotografia
George Galloway Fotografia

„I don’t think we as a party should let China and Russia stop international action to save lives in Syria … Three times they have vetoed action in Syria, and each time the crisis has escalated and escalated.“

—  Jo Cox UK politician 1974 - 2016
Speaking on BBC Daily Politics show — UK 'should enforce Syria no-fly zone even if Russia vetoes UN resolution' https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/oct/12/uk-should-be-prepared-enforce-syria-no-fly-zone-russian-veto-un-isis-assad (12 October 2015)

Jalal Talabani Fotografia

„I'm glad to tell you Mr President that our relations with our neighbors is improved very well with Turkey, with Syria, with Iran with the Arab countries. The relation is normal now and we have no problem with any of those countries. In contrary, many many new ambassadors are coming to our country from Arab countries.“

—  Jalal Talabani Iraqi politician 1933
Statement made to U.S. President George W. Bush at a meeting at the White House — reported in Agence France-Presse staff (September 10, 2008) "Talabani: Iran, Syria pose 'no problem' for Iraq", Agence France-Presse,

Hassan Rouhani Fotografia
Bassel Khartabil Fotografia

„They can't stop us #Syria“

—  Bassel Khartabil free culture and democracy activist, Syrian political prisoner 1981 - 2015
Tweet Dec 16, 2011, 6:06PM https://twitter.com/basselsafadi/status/147860108393725952 at Twitter.com

Bashar al-Assad Fotografia

„[Enemies of Syria] are the enemies of the people and the enemies of God. And the enemies of God will go to hell.“

—  Bashar al-Assad President of Syria 1965
As quoted by Holly Yan et. al. Al-Assad touts plan for resolution, says enemies of Syria 'will go to hell' http://edition.cnn.com/2013/01/06/world/meast/syria-civil-war/?hpt=hp_t1, CNN (Jan. 17, 2013)

Bassel Khartabil Fotografia

„scs-net filter (Syrian version of the great firewall of china) is blocking everything. why we can't get a good internet connection in Syria?“

—  Bassel Khartabil free culture and democracy activist, Syrian political prisoner 1981 - 2015
Tweet Dec 18, 2009, 12:47PM https://twitter.com/basselsafadi/status/6807864152 at Twitter.com

George Galloway Fotografia
Hassan Rouhani Fotografia

„The Islamic Republic of Iran aims to strengthen its relations with Syria and will stand by it in facing all challenges. The deep, strategic and historic relations between the people of Syria and Iran... will not be shaken by any force in the world.“

—  Hassan Rouhani 7th President of Islamic Republic of Iran 1948
"New Iran president backs Syria's Assad, Hezbollah" http://bigstory.ap.org/article/new-iran-president-backs-syrias-assad-hezbollah, The Big Story, (July 16, 2013)

Barack Obama Fotografia
James Baker Fotografia
Bassel Khartabil Fotografia

„activists who think they are making changes in their countries are not. the people on the ground are the ones who make that #Syria“

—  Bassel Khartabil free culture and democracy activist, Syrian political prisoner 1981 - 2015
Tweet Jan 31, 2012, 6:29AM https://twitter.com/basselsafadi/status/164354595982819329 at Twitter.com

Abd al-Karim Qasim Fotografia
Amir Taheri Fotografia

„Palestinians living in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria have been massacred both by Bashar al-Assad’s troops and throat-cutting mujahideen from ISIS. The massacre of Christians, Yazidis and Druze minorities by Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq contrasts with the safety those groups enjoy in Israel.“

—  Amir Taheri Iranian journalist 1942
Forget the Palestinians: Arab states have too much else to worry about http://nypost.com/2015/07/12/forget-the-palestinians-arab-states-have-too-much-else-to-worry-about/, New York Post (July 12, 2015).

Ann Coulter Fotografia