„Look for me in the nurseries of Heaven.“

—  Francis Thompson, To My Godchild (this line is inscribed on Thompson's gravestone).
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Francis Thompson1
1859 - 1907

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„The family meal is the nursery of democracy.“

—  Michael Pollan American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism 1955
Context: It's [a kitchen/dining table] where we teach our children the manners they need to get along in society. We teach them how to share. To take turns. To argue without fighting and insulting other people. They learn the art of adult conversation. The family meal is the nursery of democracy.

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„And looking to the Heaven, that bends above you,
How oft! I bless the Lot, that made me love you.“

—  Samuel Taylor Coleridge English poet, literary critic and philosopher 1772 - 1834
"The Presence of Love" (1807), lines 10-11.

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„Teaching is a personal matter of the nursery of the mind and should not be on public display.“

—  Saul Gorn computer scientist 1912 - 1992
Attributed to Saul Gorn in: National Association of Educational Broadcasters (1968) Educational Broadcasting Review Vol 2. p. 32; Article "Teaching As A Private Process"

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„The tree looks like a dog, barking at heaven.“

—  Jack Kerouac American writer 1922 - 1969
Book of Haikus (2003)

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„Carol, every violet has
Heaven for a looking-glass!“

—  Alfred Noyes English poet 1880 - 1958
Context: p>Carol, every violet has Heaven for a looking-glass!Every little valley lies Under many-clouded skies; Every little cottage stands Girt about with boundless lands; Every little glimmering pond Claims the mighty shores beyond; Shores no seaman ever hailed, Seas no ship has ever sailed.All the shores when day is done Fade into the setting sun, So the story tries to teach More than can be told in speech.</p Epilogue

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„Look up here, I’m in heaven
I’ve got scars that can’t be seen
I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen
Everybody knows me now“

—  David Bowie British musician, actor, record producer and arranger 1947 - 2016
Context: Look up here, I’m in heaven I’ve got scars that can’t be seen I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen Everybody knows me now Look up here, man, I’m in danger I’ve got nothing left to lose I’m so high it makes my brain whirl Dropped my cell phone down below Ain’t that just like me "Lazarus" ·  Video at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-JqH1M4Ya8

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„Heaven will be no heaven to me if I do not meet my wife there.“

—  Andrew Jackson American general and politician, 7th president of the United States 1767 - 1845
Statement shortly before his death, as quoted in Life of Andrew Jackson (1860) by James Parton, p. 679.

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„Without looking out of my window
I could know the ways of heaven“

—  George Harrison British musician, former member of the Beatles 1943 - 2001