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Konstantin Ciołkowski

Data urodzenia: 17. Wrzesień 1857
Data zgonu: 19. Wrzesień 1935


Konstantin Eduardowicz Ciołkowski – rosyjski uczony polskiego pochodzenia, jeden z pionierów kosmonautyki, twórca modelu teorii ruchu i budowy rakiety kosmicznej.

Cytaty Konstantin Ciołkowski


„His epitaph, written by himself (translation): Man will not always stay on Earth; the pursuit of light and space will lead him to penetrate the bounds of the atmosphere, timidly at first, but in the end to conquer the whole of solar space.“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Mentioned in Beyond the Planet Earth, by K. Tsiolkovsky (1920), translated by K. Syers (1960), reviewed by M. G. Whillans, Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol. 55 (1961), p. 144 [http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu//full/seri/JRASC/0055//0000144.000.html]

„from Новая этика (из монизма) [http://tsiolkovsky. org/ru/kosmicheskaya-filosofiya/novaya-etika-iz-monizma/]“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Translation: Nothing exists, save atoms and their combinations. There is no atom, which wouldn't periodically take part in life.

„from Научная этика [http://tsiolkovsky. org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Nauchnaya-etika. pdf]“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
translation: Ethics of the Cosmos, ie. its conscious creatures means that there shouldn't be any suffering anywhere: neither for perfected nor for other immature ones or ones that are starting their development. It is an expression of pure selfishness (egoism). If there will be no ordeals or nuisances in the Universe, not even one atom will be a part of an imperfect, suffering or criminal organism.

„from Монизм Вселенной ("Monism of the Universe"), 1931(?) (= "The Cosmic Philosophy", 1932?)“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Translation: I recognize nothing that is not material. In physics, chemistry and biology I see only mechanics. The Universe is nothing but an infinite and complex mechanism. Its complexity is so great that it borders on willfulness, suddenness, and randomness; it gives the illusion of free will possessed by conscious beings.<!--- Thanks, BabelFish --->

„from a letter written in 1911“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Transliteration: Planyeta yest' kolybyel razuma, no nyelzya vietchno zhit' v kolybyeli Translation: A planet is the cradle of mind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.<!--- BabelFish: "Planet is a cradle of reason, but it cannot be eternally lived in the cradle" ---> usually cited as Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot live in a cradle forever. [http://web.archive.org/web/20060421175318/http://www.uranos.eu.org/biogr/ciolke.html]


„from Гений среди людей ("The Genius of the People") -- a manuscript written in 1918“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Translation: “The world is desperately imperfect. Even if a quarter of the working people were engrossed in new thoughts and inventions and lived off the others, humanity would still gain tremendously thanks to the constant stream of inventions and intellectual work emerging from this horde of people striving upward.” <!--- checked via OneHourTranslation.com --->

„Translation: All the Universe is full of the life of perfect creatures.“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
from "The Scientific Ethics", 1930 [https://web.archive.org/web/20050808081615/http://www.informatics.org/museum/tsiol.html]

„from Нет ничего (Мысли безбожника) [There is nothing (Atheist's thoughts)], quoted in Л.В. Шапошникова, Вестники космической эволюции.“

— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Translation: There is no God-Creator, but there is the Cosmos, which creates suns, planets and living beings. There is no omnipotent God, but there is the Universe, which governs the fates of all celestial bodies and their inhabitants. There are no sons of God, but there are mature and thus rational and perfect sons of the Cosmos. There are no personal gods, but there are elected leaders of planets, solar systems, stellar groups, milky ways, islands of ether and the whole Cosmos. There is no Christ, but there is a brilliant man and a greater teacher of mankind.

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